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Who we are

Officine Ceglia

Our staff includes welders with welding license T1, FE510 and C40 materials and certification for welding that we perform with our robots always on materials T1, FE510, C40. We have gained a very good experience with some of our main customers who plan orders with the Kanban Just in Time system with forecast that are confirmed weekly. In the last two years we have set up a technical office for the laser and for the development of 3D drawings with the solidworks software, in addition an engineer supervises the general quality, manages the bureaucracy and technical documents requested by our customers.

The company is able to quickly and accurately meet any request for production, processing, assembly, disassembly and sale of products in metal carpentry.

The presence of a technical office dedicated to the analysis of the projects proposed by the customer, of a competent production system, of a quality control system that is articulated along all the phases of the production process, guarantee the realization of products with high construction precision, reliability of the components used, which respond precisely to the specific requests of the customer.

Flexibility in delivery times is our strong point

Our services

Mechanical machining

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Robotized welding

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Fiber laser cutting

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