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Bending with control angle

New fast and ergonomic TruBend Series 7000 bending machine from Trumpf

High-speed ergonomic machine The TruBend Series 7000 is an example of perfect interaction between man and machine. With minimal footprint for each operation, this high-speed ergonomic machine bends small and medium-sized workpieces under the best operating conditions. In addition to high ergonomics and ease of use, thanks to direct drive and our automatic angle measurement system, you will always have high and excellent quality output. The operator is comfortable while working, whether seated or standing, and thanks to BendGuard Automatic, the setup procedure is very fast and safe.

High yield of excellent quality

Our high-speed machine allows bending of small and medium-sized workpieces in a small space, with ergonomics and high productivity.

Safe and fast

For you, work is safe and fast: in fact, thanks to the CNC control, BendGuard Automatic moves autonomously up to the height of the equipped tools.

Detailed footprint

Thanks to its minimal installation surface, the compact TruBend Series 7000 finds space anywhere and can even be transported with a forklift.

Comfortable operations

The adjustable support surface ensures ergonomics for the operator in both seated and standing positions.

Versatile productive machine TruBend Series 5000 from Trumpf

The TruBend Series 5000 is the most successful TRUMPF bending machine worldwide. From programming to setup to actual bending, it has no rivals in terms of productivity. Innovative features like lower tool displacement and 6-axis backgauge give you maximum application freedom. A large number of innovations such as the new control concept, revolutionarily simple and intuitive, and new ergonomic solutions, like the MagicShoe, make the operator's work easier.

Silent and fast

The On-Demand Servo Drive works energetically efficiently, fast, and silently.

Angle measurement systems

With angle measurement systems from the ACB family, even the first piece comes out perfect.

Intuitive and ergonomic

Numerous options make work more enjoyable, safe, and productive.

Easy to operate

With Touchpoint TruBend, the control is as simple and intuitive as with a tablet.

Automatic tool change

The automatic tool change device ToolMaster performs all setup procedures.

Flexible thanks to the 6-axis backgauge

The 6-axis backgauge gives you maximum application freedom.

New TruBend Series 3000 basic bending machine from Trumpf

The TruBend Series 3000 offers TRUMPF quality, ease of use, and an interesting price-performance ratio. Thus, even in the case of small batches, you can produce profitably, taking advantage of precise results and high safety standards. Thanks to the perfect coordination of all components, TruBend Series 3000 machines are the fastest bending machines in their class.

Fast tool change

For maximum flexibility in tool clamping, you can choose from different systems.

Convincing structure

Thanks to the closed frame, you can use the entire bending length without any limitation.

Good positioning

The backgauge positions the sheet metal precisely. 2, 4, or 5-axis backgauges are available.

Perfect angles

With the ACB Laser angle measurement system, even the first piece comes out perfect.

Folding is a delicate and experienced process, we have a manager who has 30 years of experience. With the 130-ton Trumpf bending machine that folds up to 3 meters, with 9-axis, fold control. We also have 2 Valtek bending machines of 330 tons with a bending up to 3 meters with 9 axes and bending control and with 550 mm stroke opening of the machine 850mm.

-Nr.1 trumpf bending machine 130 tons bends up to 3 meters with 9 axes and bending control

-Nr.1 "valtek" bending machine 320 tons bends up to 3 meters with 9 axes and with bending control, stroke 550 mm, machine opening 800 mm